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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Personalized Crystal

Crystal leaves sparkling memories...

Crystals are luxurious gifts for your beloved..

A Crystal Clear Figurine is most suitable for graduation, birthday, anniversary or another unique way to display your favorite photographs.

And we even offer Crystals Music Box!

Check it out ya!

Crystal - Smooth Angel Square 2

Size: 8cm (width) X 6cm (height)

Crystal - Rectangle

Size: 6cm (width) X 8cm (height)

Crystal - Small Italic Horizontal

Size: 8cm (width) X 6cm (height)

Crystal - Apple

Size: 7cm (width) X 5cm (height)

Crystal - Octahedron

Size: 15.5cm (width) X 13cm (height)

Crystal - Music Piano
Size: 9cm (width) X 12cm (height)

Crystal - Tear
8cm (width) X 9cm (height)

Crystal - Love Screen

Size: 10cm (width) X 10cm (height)